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At Spider, we offer a variety of academic courses which are delivered locally with face-to-face teacher support.

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English 9-12

Social Studies 8 – 10
Social Studies 11 Explorations
20th Century World History 12
BC First Peoples 12
Law Studies 12
Physical Geography 12

Science 10
Science for Citizens 11
Life Sciences (Biology) 11
Anatomy and Physiology (Biology) 12
Physics 11
Physics 12
Chemistry 11
Chemistry 12

Math 9
Apprenticeship and Work Place Math 10, 11
Bridging to Foundations
Foundations/Pre Calc 10
Foundations Math 11,12
Pre-Calc Math 11,12


Career and Life Education 10-12
Capstone 12

Computers Don’t Byte! :Free Computer Course
Applied Skills 11
Information Communication Technology 12
Digital Photography 12

Work Experience 12a and 12b