6. Using a word-processor

For some assignments, you will need access to a word-processor. If you come in to SPIDER and use our computers, you will have access to both MS Word and Pages.

If you are using a computer at home, you likely have a word-processor on it. If it is an Apple device, it comes with Pages. You will want to save a Pages document as a .docx or PDF file in order to submit it as an assignment.

If you have a Windows computer, see if it has MS Word. If it came with a trial version which has expired, look into downloading Libre Office. This is an open-source program. That means that it is free of licensing fees and that it is safe to download. It has the same capabilities as Microsoft Office.

Your other option, if you have a Google account (which you have if you have Gmail) is to use Google Docs. Google Docs will likely do everything that you need it to though it doesn't have all of the functionality of an installed word-processor. You will need to download any files which you create, then upload them to the assignment page. Though you can share files from Google Docs, it is better for you to download from Google then upload to Moodle. Google Docs has the advantage of being accessible from anywhere you have an internet connection.

The image below shows you how to download a file from Google Docs.

1. Go to File

2. Scroll down to Download

3. Select either pdf or Word (docx)

4. This should go into your downloads folder. From there, you can drag and drop it into the assignment.