7. Submitting Learning Guides

All courses at SPIDER include learning guides such as the one below. Typically, each unit of a course will include a link to the learning guide, which is a pdf document. You will be expected to print this, then fill it in by hand. Before you write the unit test, you will need to hand in a completed learning guide.


If you are coming in to SPIDER to write your test, you usually hand your completed learning guide to your teacher in person.  This gives you a chance to go over any last minute issues. If you are writing your test remotely, you will scan your learning guide then upload it as one document to the learning guide dropbox (see below).

LG dropbox

Sometimes students ask for the learning guide as a Word document so that they can type it out. However, we don't give out editable learning guides as we feel it is best that these documents are completed in a student's own handwriting.