8. Test-Taking

All tests at SPIDER must be supervised either in person or remotely. Tests have a time-limit and are password-protected.  Your teacher will let you know which tools and materials you are allowed. Typically, you are allowed a calculator and formula sheet for math tests and pencil and paper for others. You should not have other tabs open when writing a test and you shouldn't be using your phone.

If you are uncertain what to expect on a test, ask your teacher.

In Person

You can come in to SPIDER any time that we are open to write a test. It is always a good idea to check with your teacher first, but as long as you have completed the learning guide, any teacher at SPIDER should be able to supervise. Make sure that you allow enough time as once you start a test, you must complete it in one sitting.


To write a test remotely, you must download and install Zoom. You will need to set up a time with your teacher to write the test. Your teacher will send you a link to access Zoom.

Once you are logged in and have talked to your teacher, you will be given a one-time password. Your teacher will remind you of test-taking expectations. You will need to stay logged in to Zoom for the duration of the test and will be able to ask for help at any time. You will be asked to keep your mic and camera on.