10. Required Technology

SPIDER courses all run on Moodle, so you need a computer with an internet connection to complete them. While you can do some activities offline, you won't be able to "print up" a course.

If you have a phone with the Moodle app installed, you can do a lot with that - such as reading and watching videos as well as composing and replying to messages.  From time to time you will find that you will need a computer with a keyboard and mouse, however.


You do not need to buy any software to take a course at SPIDER. You can use whichever office suite you have on your computer or you can download Libre Office or use Google Docs. In terms of image editing, you should be able to access Photos on a Mac or use GIMP or Pixlr on a PC. If you ever think that you need a particular piece of software to create an assignment, talk to your teacher about it.


    Some students will use a tablet at home to access their courses. Tablets are fine, but they use mobile operating systems which have the same limitations as phones.

    Using Computers at SPIDER

    At SPIDER, we have Macbooks and iPads for student use with all of the software required to complete all of our courses. You can use them at the school, but you can't take them out.