11. Assignment Standards and Formats

11.1. Style Sheet

These are the rules for formatting your assignments. Get to know them.


  • Write in 12 point Times New Roman or another standard font such as Verdana.
  • This goes for presentations as well as documents.
  • Double-space all writing.


  • You do not need a title page on section assignments.
  • An appropriate title at the top of the section assignment is fine.
  • Include your name and the date at the top of each page.
  • Some assignments will require a title page. Check.

Naming the file

  • Your file name must include the title of the assignment plus your name.
  • Ex. outlinemap-John.doc or renaissance-jane.pdf.
  • Use the title of the assignment used in the course, not the title that you have given your assignment.
  • Your first name and initial is usually fine.

Including images

  • When including images, check that the image file is no larger than necessary.
  • Images should be large enough that they don't look pixellated on the screen but not so big that you can't upload the assignment to the course. 
  • If you need help with resizing, talk to your teacher.