11. Assignment Standards and Formats

11.5. Slideshow

A slideshow follows the same structure as the report (Title page, Introduction, Main body, Graphics,  Conclusion, Bibliography) but uses a series of slides to develop ideas. Photos and graphics should be front and centre in a slideshow.

Students may use any slideshow software such as PowerPoint, Google Slides, Libre Office Slides or Keynote. However, you must submit the assignment in a format that your teacher can read. Usually this will be as .pptx or .pdf

If you use Google Slides, you must download the file then upload it to the course. Using the "share" function is easy on your end but can cause difficulties for the teacher. 

Each slide in a slideshow should be composed of bulleted key words. Slides are not for paragraphs. A general rule is to keep each slide to no more than 15 words. 

You can use a suitable theme for your slideshow but be careful not to get carried away. Make sure that transitions are helpful and not distracting. 

Here is an example of a series of slides that make up a slideshow. Notice the emphasis on images.


The slide below is well done. It is easy to read and well-organized.

good slide

The slide below is is not well done. There is too much text and the graphic does not add to the message.

bad slide