Spring 2020

Read the page below, which contains some important information which all SPIDER students will need to know this spring (until further notice). Also, we will post some useful resources which we will continue to update.

SPIDER teachers will not be able to meet with students in-person for the time being.

SPIDER hours will be 12-5 Mon-Thurs for the rest of the year. It is during these times when teachers will be on-duty to supervise exams, take phone calls, have video-conferences, and answer texts, emails and messages.

All teachers will still check and respond to messages regularly. However, we will be on-duty, responding at the times posted.

You will need to schedule tests with your teacher who can supervise using videoconferencing software. After you have connected through Zoom, Facetime or Skype, your teacher will send you a temporary password.

We cannot hand out materials at this point. If you need a novel or some other resource, make arrangements with your teacher.

All courses include learning guides. You can print these, fill them in, then scan them for upload. Methods for doing this are listed below.

Scanning learning guides

We suggest that you use an app such as Office Lens or Notes (for Mac OS) or, if you have a printer with scanning capabilities, you can use that. Be sure to create this as a single file, not a file for each page, as you can only upload one file.

Last modified: Tuesday, 31 March 2020, 6:39 PM