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How to do well in courses at SPIDER

Making a Schedule

All courses at SPIDER are self-paced. In most cases, you have one school year to finish a course, however, there is no schedule and no hard deadlines.

Typically, students start at the beginning of a course, then work through the units in order. There are some exceptions, which you can discuss with your teacher.

In order for you to progress through each course in a timely manner, you will need to make use of the individual progress block. You should set this up as soon as you begin a course. First determine when you plan to finish the course. Most students will take one semester, about five months, to complete a course, though students can complete a course in as little as ten weeks. In order to receive feedback from your teacher, you cannot complete a course faster than that.

Look at the information below regarding the individual progress block. This will help you to set a realistic pace and to see how well you are staying on track.

individual progress block

If you do not see the individual progress block, look for an arrow on the right side of the page then click on it to expand it.


It should then look like this.


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