Finishing this year and looking towards next year

As we wrap up this school year, keep the following in mind:

    •    Term 4 ends June 18
    •    For the week of June 21-25, teachers will be available through email, phone and in-person by appointment
    •    Any work completed during this final week will be reported on the fall report card
    •    SPIDER server will close for summer at midnight June 25 and will reopen September 7

For September

    •    You can continue with any incomplete courses in the fall without losing any of your progress

Please let us know if:

    •    You plan to attend SPIDER full-time in the fall
    •    You plan to take one or more courses with SPIDER next year
    •    You will graduate this June but plan to take courses through SPIDER next year which you will need for post-secondary (secondary courses are free through SPIDER but cost at post-secondary level).
    •    If any of these apply, tell your teacher or email Carolyn Spence

Last modified: Thursday, 3 June 2021, 3:09 PM