Our Students

Spider is a small school but with a lot of diversity. So, what kinds of students choose to learn at SPIDER? Usually it is students who need a flexible, responsive type of school that allows them to do their school work when they have the time and to come to the school to get help when they can.


Athletes and performers 

  • students with demanding schedules
  • often traveling and receiving professional training


  • attending local high schools
  • taking a course or courses not offered at their school or which could not be timetabled


  • working through courses more quickly than a high school timetable allows
  • may or may not be attending a local high school


  • retaking courses which they did not pass at a regular school
  • often these students only need to redo some sections of a course

Homelearners and travelers

  • many homeschoolers enrol at SPIDER in the upper grades
  • these students will take most of their senior secondary courses through SPIDER