Weekly Update May 30-June 3

SHORT FILMS! These are starting to come together, and some are even completed! COMPLETED Films are DUE IN 2 WEEKS on FRIDAY, JUNE 10th


BIKING WORKSHOP is THIS FRIDAY! Bring: HELMET, and if you are able, YOUR BIKE. Bring your RAIN GEAR!! YUP, it could be rainy! YUP, it’ll still be fun!! Tom is a really skilled biking instructor too! Ben Turner is hopefully the other support biking instructor for that afternoon.

Here are the students who ‘signed up’ for biking. The purple names have said they can bring their own bikes. Tom has SIX bikes he is able to loan, and if there aren’t enough, then students who are borrowing a bike will have to share/swap. If you are on this list and able to bring a bike, please let Kaia know.

HOMEWORK: This is posted on this site, and detailed on Moodle.

PARENT EMAILS: Shannon and Alexis have requested the full parent email list for ProjectSPIDER families as they said they wanted to do some end of year contact/wrap up. If you would like me to not send out your email, please let me know before the end of this week. Otherwise, I will assume that you are OK with me passing it onto Shannon and Alexis. Thanks all!

MORE PERMISSION FORMS coming out THIS WEEK! Please have these signed and returned as soon as possible. They will be a little longer this time, as we are mandated to fill out the District “higher risk” forms for canoeing/water sports etc.. Parents, thank you for putting up with all of the form-signing! It’s part of what goes along with us getting out and doing some really exciting things in the community!

Lastly, a glimpse of this week and what’s coming: